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We pay anywhere from $500- to $10,000 for property referrals that we purchase. What a great way to earn some extra cash, huh?

General location is fine. Please include city.

*Bird dog is someone who locates properties that meet our criteria. We then offer a wholesale fee in exchange for that property. Referral fees range from $500-10,000. ** sometime higher depending upon the property.

We can provide a markety analysis of its current condition and make you a cash offer.

This would include landlord and/or fix-n-flipping real estate


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Receive a Cash Offer

Cash Offer Request

We understand there are dozens of reasons why a seller must sell quickly. We are here to help. Please tell us in detail what you owe, what you think your home is worth, and what the absolute minimum price you are willing to take and we will get back to you with an acceptable offer!

If so please tell us the amounts, the interest rate and the payoff date. This information will help us with the alternative offers outside of our cash offer. We like to present you with several offers so you can choose which one best meets your needs.

An approx. will work for now if you don't know.

*Lease Option (We pay x amt towards a down payment with monthly payments and finally an option to purchase in x amt of months) This is a great option if you want to maintain title or ownership of the property. **Owner Financing (We will pay x amt towards a down payment plus a mortgage payment to you at a agreed upon interest rate with a specific balloon payment AND we may be willing to pay more than your home is currently worth!)-This is an excellent opportunity for you to generate positive cash flow each and every month and realize more money selling your home than you would otherwise. We can pay all closing costs, title fees etc.


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